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After scouring Grubhub feeling like I could go for some Mexican food I settled on The Mexican Village and ordered the chili colorado burrito cooked in red chili sauce with mild chili peppers. It came with Mexican style rice and cheese plus refried or black beans. I decided to be old school and went with refried. Also they provided an option gratis to request a special salsa.

Delivery guy was very friendly and food arrived still hot in a paper bag in line with my request which made it easier to take to my eating area while using a walker.

Besides rice and beans I got regular salsa with chunks and the special one that was like a marinara and warm. Lots of chips provided.

The first bite of the burrito was a delight. The flavor was to die for. Big chunks of beef and savory sauce. It was all fabulous and very filling.

I will definitely order from here again. Glad taking a chance on a new place paid off. :-)


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The cheese enchilada was ok. The red sauce tasted more like tomato sauce but the reason I gave them 5 stars is b/c they forgot my tamale and about 10-15 minutes later I got a call from the delivery driver saying he was outside and he had forgotten to give me my tamale. I didn’t have to call to complain. Who cares if it was cold it was excellent customer service! Thank you.


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Great food. I went overboard and spent over almost $100 to sample a variety of dishes (a common case for me when trying out new spots on GrubHub).

The delivery guy was very nice and said to call him personally if anything was missing (it was a big order); nothing was missing and it was delivered hot.


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This is the best Mexican restaurant in town. Their authentic mol is delicious. Always leaves me asking for more. It's very hard to find an authentic restaurant that executes the traditional flavors of Mexico. You won't regret eating here!


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The delivery man was super nice and the food was amazing. I also spoke to one man on the phone at the restaurant who was very polite and helpful as well. Definitely coming back for more soon!

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This place is FIRE! Steak Burrito... the red sauce it comes with... Fantastic. I also appreciate their packaging and the extra time and energy/cost they spend on making it more than just food in a container. This place is A+ in my opinion and that is RARE.


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My favorite Mexican Restaurant in the neighborhood!


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Wonderful food and very quick delivery.


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Great food, wonderful delivery guys


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Fast delivery, delicious food

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